Narmada Shivalinga


Narmada Shivalinga price in Indian Rs – INR 7000. Narmada Shivalinga price in Euro 80€. Narmada Shivalinga price in USD 100$. Besides Online Payment money can be sent to Nepal from any country with the help of a bank or other methods click here to see bank and other payment details and shipping charges.



Every Stones found in narmada river is known as Narmada Shivalinga, also speaks as a Nabadeshwor Mahadev.

One type of Narmada Shila is Black which is not genuine. The genuine Narmada shivalinga we provide is original one.

Many old shivalaya and devayala is made up of Narmada Shivalinga at the very top on Shivalinga.

We can found importance of Narmada Shivalinga in the Purana. Goddess Narmada was Worshipping God Shiva at the bank of Narmada River. Goddess Narmada used to worship god shiva by bringing sand from Narmada river. Goddess Narmada another name is Rewa before getting Narmada from god shiva. One day lord shiva shows his appearance in front of goddess narmada. As goddess narmada used to make shivalinga with a sand from narmada river. God Shiva said that i will stay here being shivalinga in every stone. God shiva said that your name will be famous a narmada. So Narmadeshwor looks like Shivalinga.

Narmada River

So there is also glory that goddess ganga purify by drinking and touching, goddess narmada by seeing.

Free Shivalinga Stand with Narmada Shivalinga.