Shaligram Shila

Shaligram Benefits and Importance

  1. Worship Shaligram for Six Values : Righteous living, Wealth, Protection, good health, pleasures and Spiritual blessing.
  2. Worship of shaligram Please Lord Vishnu(God Narayan). The house where shaligram is worshipped there is residence of mother Laxmi (wife of lord vishnu and goddess of wealth). It is said that where there is lord Vishnu there is always the presence of goddess Laxmi.
  3. The shaligram worshippers free from all types of sin.
  4. Shaligram provide prosperity, long life, salvation(moksha). He will attain the home of Lord Vishnu (Vaikuntha or liberation).
  5. No ghost, evil, black magic can harm the houses where Shaligram Shila is worship.
  6. Keeping Tulsi leaves(holy basil), Belpatra leaves, Chandan(paste mark), Shankha(conch shell), and Gomati chakra together with shaligram fulfill all kinds of wish.
  7. Doing daily Ganga Snan(holy bath) to Shaligram attains the merits of Vishnu Yagya (big or great worship of god Vishnu). Shaligram bath can be done with Ganga Jal(sacred water of holy Ganges) or with pure water.
  8. Offering a single leaf or 108 tulsi leaves to Shaligram Lord Vishnu in Ekadashi day(11th lunar day/favorite day of lord Vishnu) attains the merits of giving 1000 cow charity.
  9. Drinking even one drop of Saligram bathwater is more than drinking and going to a great pilgrimage and sacred river. Devotees are served with Shaligram bathwater (saligramrit) even in a great temple-like Jaggarnath Puri, and many temples. So we should drink some drops of Shaligram bathwater in the house and temple. And also served to the family.
  10. Lord Vishnu directly resides in Shaligram so there is no need to do Pran pratistha(energize) to worship Salagrama(shaligram) Moorthy/idol. We can worship shaligram directly
  11. Offering daily different types of Prasad(food items) to shaligram destroys all diseases.
  12. Bathing shaligram daily with panchamrit attains the merits of listening Srimad Bhagavad. Panchamrit is a mixture of five things. They are milk, ghee, sugar, curd, and honey. Besides it, We can also bath shaligram with pure water or ganga water to please lord Vishnu
  13. The place where shaligram is found is known as “Shaligram//Gandaki river”, “Muktinath”, Damodarkunda, Nepal. In scripture like Yog Vasistha, it is mentioned that at pilgrimage time God Ram visited this divine place along with 64 shivalinga (god shiva temple).
  14. Offering lotus flower(kamal puspa) to shaligram gets lots of Laxmi(money).
  15. Worship of shaligram provides dharma artha kama moksha (religious value, economic value, Pleasure love happiness, and Salvation).
  16. Hence, Shaligram is an idol or visible statue of Lord Vishnu. We should worship shaligram to please lord Vishnu and all Vedic gods.
  17. Shaligram is also a visible god or form of lord Vishnu because we can find a chakra emblem in it (mark of a spinning wheel). We can can see sudarshan chakra(wheel mark) on lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna hand along with conch(shankha), gadha(mace) and lotus flower rest of his hands.

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