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Shaligram Shila Frequently Asked Question

1 – Can Women Worship Saligram?

  • Devotees ,chaste, women have right to worship Saligram silas.It is also Mention in Skand Puran that Evil donot have right to worship Shaligram.

2- What are different  type colours of Shaligram? Which colors saligram is suitable for worship?

  • Shaligram is found in different colors naturally. It is also mentioned in Shaligram glories in Kosh,Puran,Srimad Devi Bhagwat. Mostly Shaligram is found in Black colors which is considered very much auspicious. Other some auspicious colors are blue, yellow, white. Yes, it is also mentioned about the worship of Shaligram according to colors. Black colors saligram can be worship by anybody. White is very good. Red is also considered good but some believe it not very good. But black color shaligram is worshipped in both houses and temples and it is mostly used.

3 – What are sizes of Shaligram? where it is found and Collected? Do only Vaisnava have Right to worship Sri Shaligram?

  • Saligram is found in Kaligandaki River, Nepal which is available in different shape and size. Lord Vishnu has different Form and names. Regarding Sri Shaligram physcial appearance Some of the shaligram are Big, some Small whereas some Round, Spherical, oval, small/medium shaligram.

The main origin place of Saligram is Kaligandaki River (Muktinath Chhetra),Damodar-kunda situated at North west Nepal.

Shaligram is mostly worship by Vaisnava. In every vaisnav home lord Vishnu Saligram is worship is done everyday. Vaisnvite follows all rules for lord vishnu, does fasting, and surrenders life to lord Krishna and lord Vishnu feet. They always try to make happy lord krishna and lord vishnu. And not only vaisnava every hindus worship god shaligram.

4 – Where Can i found lord Vishnu,Shree Saligram,Appearance Glories?

  • We can find Shaligram origin history in ancient hindu scripture like puran. To read complete glory and story please visit to read online.

5 – Which number of Saligram should we worship?

  • We should worship even number shaligram in home beside no 1 and also 5 (panchayan devta: shiva,vishnu,durga,ganesh,surya narayan). So shaligram can be worshipped in 1, 2, 4,6 ,8 . 10,12,14, 16,18. Some devotees prefer to worship 108 shaligram and more in home and temples.

6- What is Shaligram worship/Puja procedure?

7 – where i found articles about tulasi shaligram and Saligrams tulsi wedding?

  • For tulasi shaligram marriage ceremony please visit

8 – Can Shaligram be fake? If yes How to identify it?

  • Saligram collected directly from the Gandaki river never be fake. Whereas nowadays many people sell fake shaligram. Fake Shaligram are made with plastic, made up of mud, making colorful mainly golden etc which is made by different peoples and sell as Shaligram.

Many devotees identify original Shaligram. Original shaligram never breaks out like the immediately of Mud. When we scratch Saligrams mostly all Original Saligrams do not come muds from saligrams and original shaligram is natural holy stones. We should also be aware of glued shaligram sila and murti. To identify original shaligram or not we should rub gold on shaligram. If golden color appear on shaligram it is original shaligram. This process is also known as kasauti test.

9 – What are different names of Saligrams?

10 – Does Saligrams have Chakra (wheel circle or marks) , holes, Golden colors, etc?

  • Yes Shaligram has natural Chakra (Sudarshan chakra of lord krishna and lord vishnu in shaligrams). Regarding chakras mostly all shaligram have chakras whereas some are without chakra and completely round and plain. Some has holes and inside it has chakra and shivalinga and some donot have anything and looks like a kunda(holy pond). Some shaligram are golden which is a rare type. Black shaligram is very much auspicious and used to worship in home and temple. Some of the shaligram also has crystal and many chakra on shaligram. Please visit to shaligram collection from the link below.

Shaligram Collection