Shaligram Shila

Shaligram Names

Saligram is found in round shape, flat, oval, with chakra(wheel mark), without chakra(plain), with many and fewer chakras, with holes,without holes. Mainly black color shaligram is found which is known as most auspicious. Whereas other unique saligram are blue color, red, yellow, golden shaligram, etc. Some devotees believed that From the black color shaligram kali gandaki river(Shaligram river) name is derived. Hindu word Kali means Black whereas kali is also the name of Hindu goddess ‘Kali’. The oldest name of the kaligandaki river is said to be krishna gandaki river. Lord Krishna is also known as a beautiful black color god and famous for his black beauty and said to be Krishna kale(god Shyam). He is also believed to be the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the 8th son of mother Devaki.

There are many names of Shaligram. Lord Vishnu is worshipped with more than 108 names. All names of Lord Vishnu is considered as the name of God shaligram.

Some of the names of saligram are Ram shaligram, Krishna shaligram, Matsya shaligram, kurma,varaha, buddha, Madhusudan, Govinda, Janardhan shaligram, shiva saligram, Gopal shaligram, Hayagriva shaligram, Laxmi Narayan shaligram, narasimha shaligram, laxmi narasimha shaligram, Aniruddha shaligram, Parashurama shaligram, vamana shaligram, sudarshan or sudarshan chakra saligram, Vasudev shaligram, etc.

Sachudra asked Galab Ji – Brahman! you are great among Vedic Scholar. It is listened that women and shudra should not worship Shaligram Shila and it is prohibited. So how can person like me do worship to salagram (shaligram).

Galab ji said – There are 24 types of shaligram ( 24 names of Lord Vishnu shaligram). Everyone should worship this type of shaligram.

First One is Keshav – We should worship Keshava Shaligram. Mantra – Om Sri Keshavaye Namah. Salutations to Lord Keshav. Eternal Wisdom.

Second one is Madhusudan – Mantra – Om Sri Madhusudanaye Namah. Salutations to Lord Madhusudan. Eradication of Ego.

Third Shankarshan – Mantra – Om Sri Sankarshanaye Namah – Salutations to Lord Shankarshan. Highest attraction.

Fourth Damodar – Mantra – Om Sri Damodaraye Namah – Salutations to Lord Damodara. Realization of the form of God.

Fifth Vasudev – Mantra – Om Sri Vasudevaye Namah – Salutations to Lord Vasudeva. Realizations of the all-pervasiveness of God.

Sixth Pradyumna – Mantra – Om Sri Pradyumnaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Pradyumna. Becoming son of God.

Seventh Vishnu – Mantra – Om Sri Visnave Namah – Salutations to Lord Visnu. Cosmic Consciousness.

Eight Madhav – Mantra – Om Sri Madhavaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Madhava. Prosperity.

Ninth Acyuta- Mantra – Om Sri Acyutata Namah – Salutations to Lord Achyut. Becoming invincible.

Tenth Purshottam – Mantra – Om Sri purusottamaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Purusottama. Realization of the Supreme Person.

Eleventh Adhoksaj – Mantra – Om Sri Adhoksajaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Adhoksaja. Opening of the third eye between eyebrows.

Twelve Janardhan – Mantra – Om Sri Janardanaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Janardana. Seeing God in all.

Thirteen Govinda – Mantra – Om Sri Govindaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Govinda. Obstacles removed.

Fourteen Trivikram – Mantra – om Sri Trivikramaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Trivikrama. Knowledge of all worlds.

Fifteen Sridhar – Mantra – Om Sri Sridharaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Sridhara. Wealth, both spiritual and material.

Sixteenth Hrishikesh – Mantra – Om Sri Hrsikesaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Hrsikesa. Control of senses.

Seventeen Narasimha – Mantra – Om Sri Narasimhaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Narasimha. Destruction of evil propensities.

Eighteenth Aniruddha- Mantra – Om Sri Aniruddhaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Anirudra.Light of God.

Nineteenth Vamana – Mantra – Om Sri Vamanaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Vamana. Humility and virtues.

Twenty Narayana – Mantra – Om Sri Narayanaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Narayana. Final beatitude.

Twenty-one Padmanabha – Mantra – Om Sri Padmanabhaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Padmanabh. Realization of navel lotus.

Twenty-two Upendra – Mantra – Om Sri upendraya Namah – Salutations to Lord Upendra. Lordship.

Twenty-third Hari – Mantra – Om Sri Haraye Namah – Salutations to Lord Hari. Transcendental bliss.


Twenty fourth is Krishna – Mantra – Om Sri Krishnaya Namah – Salutations to Lord Krishna. Realization of Lord Krishna.

More Shaligrams Names

Shaligram is a sacred stone found in kali gandaki river ,Muktinath Nepal. The oldest name of kali gandaki is known to be krishna gandaki river. Shaligram is direct symbol of Lord vishnu. Shaligram is worshipped in mostly all hindu temples and houses. The importance of shaligram is that,it is worshipped to please maha vishnu. So all hindus worship shaligram to please lord vishnu. In present time(kaliyuga) worshipping Shaligram Please lord Narayan (God Vishnu) Easily. Hence,one should establish one or more than 1 shaligram,tulsi plants and shankh(conch) in house.

Names of different types of Shaligram are as follows.
1) Pundarik Shaligram 2) Pralamdhan Shaligram 3) Vaikuntha Shaligram

4) Madhusudan Shaligram 5) Pitambar Shaligram 6) Nara Shaligram

7) Rama Shaligram 8) Sudarshan Shaligram 9) Veer Narayan Shaligram

10) KsheerSagar Shayi Shaligram 11) SeerPani Shaligram 12) Matsya Shaligram

13) Paramesthi Shaligram 14) Musali Shaligram 15) Vishwaksen Shaligram

16) Kurma Shaligram 17) Varaha Shaligram 18) Swet Varaha shaligram

19) Vaman Shaligram 20) Laxmi Varaha Shaligram 21) Dharani Varaha Shaligram

22) Shanta Shaligram 23) Bhargav Shaligram 24) Narasimha Shaligram

25) Parshurama Shaligram 26) Veer Ram Shaligram 27) Keshav Shaligram

28) Laxmi Narasimha Shaligram 29) Sesh Shaligram 30) Upendra Shaligram

31) Dadhi Vahan Shaligram 32) Vishnu Shaligram 33) Dashrathi Rama Shaligram

34) Balram shaligram 35) Halayudh shaligram 36) Vjayaram shaligram

37) Kodandaram shaligram 38) Hashtaram shaligram 39) Tribikram shaligram

40) Krishna shaligram 41) Govardhan shaligram 42)Kalki shaligram

43)Pamdanadh shaligram 44)Hari shaligram 45)Pradhumna shaligram

46)Anirudh shaligram 47) Laxmi Gopal shaligram 48) Santan Gopal shaigram

49)Madan Gopal shaigram 50) Shree Gopal shaligram 51)Balkrishna shaligram

52)Hayegriv shaligram 53) Vansha Gopal shaligram 54) Maya Narayana shaigram

55) Garud shaligram 56) Garuddwaj shaigram 57)Pundarik shaligram

58)Yagya shaligram 59)Shreedhar shaligram 60) Gadadhar shaligram

61)Laxmipati shaligram 62)Bashudev shaligram 63)Madhav shaligram

64)Sheshsayi shaligram 65)Bidaran shaligram 66)Narsingh shaligram

67)Aakash Narsingh shaligram 68)Bal Narsingh shaligram 69)Kapil Narsingh shaligram

70) Jwala Narsingh shaligram 71)Vidhyun Narsingh shaligram 72) Jihawan Narsingh shaligram

73)Ghor Narsingh shaligram 74)Kuchi Narsingh shaligram 75)Bibhisan Narsingh shaligram

76) Maha Narsingh shaligram 77)Aahar Narsingh shaligram 78)Bibritasya Narsingh shaligram

79)Kali Nasak Ram shaligram 80) Ravan Kul Nasak Ram shaligram 81)Nar Narayan shaligram

82)Shankar Narayan shaligram 83)Rup Narayan shaligram 84)Damodar shaligram

85) Laxmi Damodar shaligram 86)Sunghdha Purushottam shaligram 87)Sankarshan shaligram

88)Adhoshyaj shaligram 89)Dattatreya shaligram 90)Chaturmukh shaligram

91)Trailokya Mohan shaligram 92)Saubhagya shaligram 93)Barad Krishna shaligram

94)Kalia Mardan Krishna shaligram 95) Charun Mardan shaligram 96) Sanatan shaligram

97) Govardhan Krishna shaligram 98) Rukmini shaligram 99)Chudamani Krishna shaligram

100)Dhananjayagra Gami shaligram 101) Parijat Hari Krishna shaligram 102)Syamantak Hari shaligram

103)Sudarshan shaligram 104)Murari shaligram 105)Banmali shaligram

106)Yograt shaligram 107)Amrithari shaligram 108)Ganesh shaligram

109)Shreebatshalanchan shaligram 110) Dharanidhar shaligram 111) Dev Dev shaligram

112)Jagad Yoni shaligram 113)Swayambhu shaligram 114)Kapil shaligram

115)Dharmaraj shaligram 116)Hari shaligram 117)Har shaligram

118)Baikuntha shaligram 119)Hiranyagarva shaligram 120) Hansha shaligram

121)Param Hansha shaligram

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