Shaligram Shila

Tulasi, Salagram Mahatmya

Offering even single leaves of tulsi (holy basil) to god shaligram (salagram shila) please god vishnu.

Lord Shiva Says – Narad ! Listen now i will tell tulasi mahatmya (imporatance), listening which human beings be free from sin which has been done from birth to death. Tulasi leaves, flower,fruits,root,branches,kunja,tana and mud everything is pure. Anyone whose dead body is burn from tulsi wood, he/she will attain vishnu lok (home of god vishnu) even though he or she has done big sin. Death person who has burn from tulsi wood,he/she will attain purity. At time of death if done hari kirtan and if we remember him or whose body is born from tulsi wood, he/she will not get re-birth. At time of ceremonial if there is even single wood of tulasi even if he/she has million sins, he/she will attain mukti (salvation). All wood will be pure if mixed tulasi wood. By seeing death person burn from tulasi wood he/she will be taken by vishnu doota (God vishnu helper) not yama duta (helper of hell of god, god yamaraja). He/she will will be from the sin of million birth and attains god vishnu. He/she will be offered flower from heavenly god , seeing him or her going to vishnu loka. By seeing this person god shiva and god vishnu become satisfy. And God janardhan catch his/her hand and take his home. Any ceremonial place where tulasi wood with ghee is burn, by going there human beings Pataka (bad habbit or sin) Becomes Bhasma (destroy).

Brahmanas who do havan from tulsi wood, he will get rice and sesame in every piece,agnistoma yagya. Those who gives incense of tulsi wood to god he/she will attain 100 yagna and 100 cow donation fruits. Those who prepare food to god with help of tulsi even his rice is smaller he/shes gives result as top as meru to god keshav. Those who offer light to god from tulsi wood he/she will attains million of light charity. In this earth there is no great devotee than him/her. Those devotee who offer tulsi paste to god krishna,sorrounding there lord hari is everytime presence. Those who worship god vishnu by keeping tulsi paste on his/her or body or forehead he/she will attain merit of 100 days worship at one time worship. While offering pindas to ancestor if anything of tulsi if mixed with it. Him/her ancestor get happy upto 100 year from one time pinda. From tulsi roots we should bath foremostly or importantly. Those who bath upto that time till remaining its mud/sand in body, he will attain merit of bathing at pilgrimage. Those who worship god from new tulsi leaves he/she attain merits of worshipping with different types of flower. upto the time of remaining sun and moon he/she will get that merits. Those house where tulsi is planted or gardened, by seeing it or touching/feeling even sin like brahma-hatya (killing of brahmin or man) etc are destroyed.

Any house, village where there is tulasi plant there god of god Vishnu reside happily. Those house do not have poverty and he/she will not be separated from his loving one. Where there is Tulasi there is no problem, fear and diseases can’t be stable. Tulasi is itself pure whereas it becomes more purer in the pilgrimage or holy site. On earth if we plant tulsi near to god he/she will always attain Vaikuntha (vishnu loka or home of god vishnu). If we worship god vishnu with tulasi leaves, then calmful god , god hari, protect us from dangerous problem and disasters. Where air flow with tulasi its all 10 direction and all creatures gets purity. Those houses which has mud/sand of tulasi, there all god and kind god Hari is always present. We should offer to it our ancestors.

TULASI PLANT, root, there is the presence of brahma, middle god vishnu and at Bloomsbury god Rudra(god shiva) is present. So it is considered pure. Truly, if we plant tulsi in the shiva temple then, as much as it produces seed he/she will reside in heaven up to its time. Those who plant Tulasi at shraddha day, Shravan month, and Sankranti day (first day of month) then it is very much holy and fruitful. Those who worship god Vishnu with tulasi leaves even though he/she is poor, he/she becomes rich. Tulasi statue or idol provide siddhis (enlightment) and it is able to provide deed of god krishna.

Where there is Salagram Shila (Saligrama/SHALIGRAM) in his/her house,there remains always presence of god hari. The bath and charity done at that place is 100 times important than done in kashi. Worshipping Shaligram provides merits more than 100 time then pilgrimage like kurukshetra, prayag or naimisaranya. Where there is shaligram, all pilgrimages of kashi comes there. Human beings who has done sin like brahma hatya (killing) soon get destroy by worshipping shaligram shila.


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